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Made for You and Me

Kathleen Rushing

This is a FUN collaboration with my granddaughter Ina.  Ina created the artwork and came up with the name for the album.  This album has been 3 years in the making!

9 Tracks

The Cat Came BackKathleen Rushing
Grammy Whammy, Peaceful music for kids

Grammy Whammy

Kathleen Rushing

This is a fun compilation of some of my favorite songs.  I have sung with thousands of children and 4 very cute grandkids over the past 60 years.  On the album I play guitar, mandolin, bousouki, ukulele, banjo, bass and harmonica and sing melody and harmonies.

18 Tracks

Mr. Moon / The CukooKathleen Rushing
Relaxing kid's music, I See the Moon

I See the Moon

Kathleen Rushing

I See the Moon, Songs to Sing with Those You Love. Family favorites, interactive sing-alongs great for singing along in the car or by the fireside.

16 Tracks

I See the MoonKathleen Rushing
Calming music for kids, The Heart of Bingo Schmingo Music

The Heart of Bingo Schmingo Music

Kathleen Rushing

Family friendly, fun, singalong songs; some new, some traditional. Great for a family road trip! Featuring bluegrass flavor to the songs, Kathleen plays guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, harmonica, bass and even throws in a tuba for flavor!

16 Tracks

Joy!Kathleen Rushing
Happy Baby Music, Bingo Schmingo Music

Bingo Schmingo Music

Kathleen Rushing

Fun, happy, interactive, sing-alongs that tell stories. Folksy, acoustic; guitar, banjo, mandolin. Kathleen Rushing is a teacher who uses her music to encourage language development and creativity. Ages 3-11.

15 Tracks

Mr. Sun MedleyKathleen Rushing
Buy all 4 CDs

Purchase a Bundle of 4 CDs

Kathleen Rushing

Own all 4 CDs for $30:

  • Bingo Schmingo Music

  • The Heart of Bingo Schmingo Music

  • I See the Moon

  • Grammy Whammy

Bingo SchmingoKathleen Rushing

All CDs are $10 each with $2.50 for shipping.  Bundle of 4 CDs are $30.00 with $2.50 for shipping.

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