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“Kathleen is a gifted musician, she instinctively creates  a strong  rapport with children...a modern day troubadour, using her songs to teach language skills." 

~ Jean Olds, Early Childhood Educator/Mentor, Dublin, CA

"Your music is awesome! Our special needs students really appreciate your volunteering - time and talent. This is music therapy at its finest. "

~ May Yee, Adult Day Program Program Coordinator, Friends of Children with Special Needs, Fremont

"You look beautiful today, you look like a rainbow! "

~ 5 year old, Diablo Hills Country Day School, San Ramon, CA

"Kathleen Rushing has devised an exciting, highly age-appropriate program that kids love! She makes education fun, as she connects with her audience through music, stories, and good humor. Plenty of opportunities for audience participation make the program lively, engaging, and sometimes hilarious. Mill Valley kids especially enjoyed using silly instruments to make sound effects for Little Bunny Foo-Foo; kids and caregivers alike were captivated by Ms. Rushing's entertaining, generous, and highly professional presentation. We enthusiastically recommend Bingo Schmingo Music! "

~Yolanda Fletcher, Mill Valley Library

"Bingo Schmingo Music is a delightful program that finely interweaves instruction in phonics and vocabulary with music and fun! It has been a pleasure for our staff and students to work with Kathleen during our summer pre-k program. Being able to send musical CDs of our children singing the songs they had learned, home with each family, was the frosting of the cake for this outstanding program. We look forward to doing this again! "  

~ Susan Taylor, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Riverbank Unified School District

"Her voice and guitar become her letters, cards and whiteboard... From their first day of class, Kathleen's kids know how much fun learning can be." 

~ Dr. Pat Jaurequi, Supt, New Haven Unified School District

"... Kathleen's enthusiasm and warmth makes the children feel welcome and eager to participate in the musical activities. We would gladly welcome her back, especially for programs for preschoolers and kindergartners! " 

~ Cheryl Chelemer, Children's Librarian Los Altos Library

"Music time ....the highlight of our Kindergarten class..delighting both children and parents. Concepts and skills are embedded in songs, teaching within the context of music and rhythm."

~ Linda Santo Domingo, Kindergarten teacher, Sacramento, CA

"... perfect for English Language Learners and Learning Disabled students,...they experience success, enjoyment in a safe, caring environment…" 

~ Elaine Cant, Special Ed, Pioneer Elementary, Union City, 

"... every student engages in music, and movement... Kathleen sings with the kids with the ease and confidence of a professional musician! ..the kids had a blast laughing, singing and using critical thinking skills in the gummi bear color game… 

~ Monic Coates, Kitayama School, Union City, CA

"... like that first cup of morning coffee, the music jump starts the day and puts a big smile on your face. You will sing Kathleen's songs in the shower, dance to the beat during commute traffic and challenge your kids for a word that rhymes with BINGO!" 

~ Janet Lee, Parent of 2 students in Kathleen's classes

"Kathleen's love for music, learning and all children really shines through as she engages the kids with interactive, lively songs. Her dedication to designing appropriate activities for young children results in happy learning for all." 

~ Donna Lindsay, Program Specialist,Literacy and English Learners, New Haven Unified, Union City, CA

"Kathleen Rushing's love of music and children comes through loud and clear in her fast-paced programs. My students had a wonderful time while learning with Kathleen." 

~ Dana Eaton, Principal Pioneer Elementary, Brentwood, CA

"Bingo Schmingo Music is the perfect program for ESL (English as a Second Language) and CBET (Community Based English Tutoring) , where parents and children have the opportunity to learn essential language skill while being introduced to American culture through the joy of music. Kathleen Rushing transports the students to a place where they forget their inhibitions, laugh and sing while they learn!" 

~ Judith Finkelstein, instructor,ESL and CBET program/Los Angeles Unified School District

"Kathleen's performance is unique in that the parents grasp the educational concepts demonstrated with music , but the kids just think they are having fun! I really appreciate how Kathleen is able to combine those two things in such an entertaining way!" 

~ Penny Peck, Children's librarian, San Leandro 

An Email from the principal of my alma mater, James Monroe Elementary School:

Kathleen,   I just wanted you to know how wonderful your program was for the kids.  I went into one session and the kids were so engaged and happy to have you come to see them and share your music--it just showed all over their faces!  It was nice to have a smaller group than a whole assembly grouping and coupled with the name tags, it made your music so personal for the kids.  Your energy level and positive, upbeat show with the kids made their week!  All of the teachers and myself are extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness to include Monroe on your list of kids to see!  We hope you come back to visit us soon!

Thanks again,  Queta Beltran, Principal  James Monroe Elementary

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