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Made for You and Me

Kathleen's Newest CD!

This is a fun compilation of some of my favorite songs recorded with my granddaughter Ina.  

Fun, Creative, Language Based Music for Kids! 

Bingo Schmingo Music is a language-based music program created by Kathleen Rushing. She sings and interacts with her audience, offering creative musical, language and social experiences to promote phonemic awareness, rhythm and rhyme. Kathleen involves children in crafting new innovations to her songs, allowing for playful and meaningful language experiences. 

Bingo Schmingo Music supports the  California State Standards and is a great "in-house field trip" for preschool age through elementary grade level 3.  Great for a mixed grade level too, pulling in the 4-5th grade crowds!  Kathleen's music is perfect for:

Family Concerts

Classroom Music for Kids

School Assemblies


Community Events 

Kid's Party Entertainment

Monthly, Weekly or Bi-weekly Program
or One Time Event Available

Bingo Schmingo MusicKathleen Rushing

CDs are available through CD Baby or on my MUSIC page on the website, or just email me and I'll send you one with payment by check!
MADE FOR YOU AND ME is my newest CD, collaboration with my granddaughter Ina, who designed and created the CD Cover art! 

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