Bingo Schmingo Music will come to your school, Library, community event or even your home in the following venues:


BINGO SCHMINGO MUSIC is appropriate for Preschool through Elementary (K-3) and is presented in a 45-60 minute assembly. 60 (OR 75 if classes are 25) children are appropriate for activities and dancing presented. Kathleen is also available to come to your school for a full day presentation, accessible to individual classrooms or grade level presentations for a more interactive experience.

Libraries and Special Events

BINGO SCHMINGO MUSIC is a lively presentation, full of interactive songs and stories and dances, suitable for the entire family. Back to back performances at one site offer a discount. Price consideration is also given for multiple libraries within a county.

Personalized CD

Kathleen will come to your school for a four to six week period presenting a weekly music program. At the end of the program she will produce a CD featuring your students. Each child will receive a copy of the CD which then becomes a cherished childhood memory. Extra CDs are available at a nominal cost. The cost of this program is sometimes passed on to the parents. Perfect for summer school programs, particularly Preschool.

    * School Programs

    * Preschool - 3rd Grade

    * CD Production with Classrooms

    * Library Programs

    * Festivals

    * After School Programs

    * Children's Parties

Specializing in seasonal themes:






Valentine's Day



Summer Programs

Kathleen is a proud member or the Children’s Music Network 


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